Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte

​Your Premier Source for Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is a company run by a family with a stellar reputation for heavy equipment repairs.

Our staff is here to help you when you need your equipment repaired quickly, affordably, and correctly the first time.

We're most well-known for:

Factory-Certified Technicians and Mechanics

Our incredible team is responsible for our ongoing success in handling even the most complex repairs. The experience we gain from repairing thousands of vehicles and being certified by the manufacturer means we are experts on your vehicle.

We’re a company that specializes in heavy equipment machines and have the necessary lifts, tools, and resources to handle complex repairs and replacements. We also perform regular preventive maintenance on our equipment.

Heavy Equipment We Work On

We are extremely proud of our reputation for providing quality workmanship on a wide variety of heavy equipment. This means that you can trust us for a variety of fleet maintenance and repair needs. We understand what it takes to get your fleet back up and running!

As a result, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is your one stop shop for every one of your fleet maintenance needs. From the best in heavy equipment repair to emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered! We repair a wide range of equipment, including:

Services We Provide

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte understands how important it is to get your machines back on the job as soon as possible. When it comes to time, we’re ready to show you what we can do.

The reason we specialize in repairing your equipment in Charlotte and other parts of North Carolina is that we know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition, we can provide emergency repair services on short notice, ensuring that you receive the equipment repairs you require when you need them.

We make sure you’re covered with any hardware repair or service you need. 

Fast & Affordable Repair

    Among the services we offer are:

    One of the many reasons why so many Charlotte area businesses rely on us is because we offer a wide range of services for a wide variety of heavy equipment.

    Our skilled mechanics are experts at fixing heavy equipment, and they’ve been doing so for decades. They know exactly how to fix every kind of heavy equipment.

    Many repair businesses often refer their customers to us to handle the most complex repairs they cannot handle.

    Our phone lines are always open for our customers. If something’s not right, we want to know about it.

    Air Conditioning Repair

    Heavy equipment operations need to be done correctly, adequately, and with expertise, concentration and focus.

    It’s difficult for your team to perform well when they are dripping with sweat because the air conditioning in their equipment is damaged and not working properly.

    There are many companies that specialize in the repair of heavy equipment, but Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte focuses on the following services to keep your air conditioner running smoothly:

    Find out how to get your air conditioning system working like new by clicking here.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami focuses on the following services to keep your air conditioner running smoothly:

    diesel fuel pump

    Electrical Repairs

    It’s always frustrating when equipment fails and electrical repairs need to be made. This means that if just one machine stops working because of a power supply issue, it could bring the whole job site to a halt, and your team can’t get back to work again until the machine is fixed.

    You should expect that downtime will add a significant amount of cost and annoyance to your team, your operation, and the whole organization.

    A diagnosis is the first step to any type of repair and is essential to success. Without a diagnosis, you risk a massive waste of time and money.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte has the most advanced means to quickly detect mechanical issues and create a plan for our specialists to know what needs to be repaired.

    Click here to learn more about the electrical system maintenance and repair services

    Hydraulic System Repairs

    Hydraulic power units are used to help move heavy objects by means of hydraulic power. These systems are usually found in large construction equipment such as bulldozers. Hydraulic systems are driven by pressurized fluids.

    A hydraulic system uses this fluid to perform tasks like stopping a loader using brakes, lifting a crane, or moving a bucket on a loader.

    Hydraulic systems improve the amount of work that a system can do while requiring less effort from the operator. A hydraulic power unit (HPU) is what lets a small joystick movement raise a heavy bucket of rock.

    Click here to learn more about the hydraulics system maintenance and repair services we offer.

    Cylinder Head Resurfacing

    There are many concerns associated with heavy equipment that can be resolved by cylinder head resurfacing.

    Regardless of the reason why head resurfacing is necessary, it must be done properly. When the metal has been removed from the body, it can no longer be recovered.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte can guarantee that it will be fixed right the first time. Our professional technicians have extensive experience in resurfacing cylinder heads to repair leaks. Click here to see our cylinder head resurfacing service.

    Regardless of what type of transmission your equipment has, the transmission’s primary job is to allow the gear ratio between both the drive wheels and engine to adjust as the vehicle slows down and accelerates.  When the equipment comes to a halt, the transmission disconnects the engine from the driving wheels, causing the engine to idle while the wheels are not in motion.  Also, transmissions enable rapid acceleration from a standstill and allow the engine to run more slowly, reducing wear while the vehicle maintains a constant speed. Transmissions can develop a wide range of problems that necessitate repair.

    Click Here to learn more about the transmission maintenance and repair services we provide.


    Liftgate Repairs

    Liftgates are usually found on various commercial vehicles, especially in box trucks. A regular preventative maintenance schedule can keep the liftgates on your truck well oiled and working properly. If problems do arise, they can usually be taken care of with an easy repair.

    When you need a quick and reliable repair for your liftgate, we’re there. We can help with all your repair needs and get them fixed quickly and professionally. Visit us to learn more about the liftgate maintenance and repair services.

    Windshield Repairs

    There are many different types of heavy equipment used in the construction industry. Machines, bulldozers, excavators, trucks, backhoes, and other heavy equipment are continuously subjected to extreme working conditions.

    The windshields of these serve as protection for the drivers of these vehicles. Whenever cracks, chips, or breaks occur, it is important to repair them as soon as possible to avoid further damage and keep the operators safe.

    Click here to learn more about our window, windshield, and glass repair and maintenance services.


    Drivetrain Rebuild

    The drive train is the system that controls the vehicle’s transmission and propels it forward.

    One may interchangeably use the words driveline, drivetrain, and powertrain when discussing the drivetrain system. Although the driveline is a complex and vital component of an automobile, the powertrain is the largest and most vital component.

    There are different parts of the driveline that differ between front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and 4 wheel drive vehicles. Gear oil is an important lubricant that’s necessary for the operation of the gearbox.

    This causes a loud and rough engine performance and a significant decrease in engine efficiency. Regular maintenance is necessary to avoid engine part failure and the necessity for emergency lubricant change.

    Whether it’s driveline maintenance, repair, or replacement of driveline parts, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is here to solve your issues and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

    transmission-repair (1)

    Transmission Repairs

    Some of the most important components that make your equipment run are the transmissions. It is the vehicle that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. There are various transmission types that may need repair or maintenance. These include:

    Whatever type of transmission your equipment has, the transmission’s main job is to make sure the gear ratio between both the drive wheels and the engine stays in line as the vehicle slows down and speeds up.

    If the vehicle stops suddenly, the engine turns off, allowing the engine to cool, as if it were idling. This process prevents the engine from overheating.

    In addition, transmissions enable rapid acceleration from a standstill and allow the engine to run at lower speeds, reducing wear while the vehicle maintains a constant speed. Some transmissions need to be repaired or replaced to avoid catastrophic equipment failure.

    Click here to learn more about the transmission maintenance and repair services we offer.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance is always better than reactive maintenance. It’s less expensive and more effective. This doesn’t include the costs you pay if you lose your equipment due to downtime when it needs repair.

    You don’t have to worry about equipment getting preventative maintenance because it’s part of our normal servicing routine.  We can even come to you with our mobile repair devices.


    Heavy machinery is subjected to a wide range of dangerous job site circumstances. This can cause a lot of problems, many of which require expensive repairs. Additionally, the need for repairs increases when routine maintenance isn’t done.

    Our Rapid Response Team consists of factory trained, certified technicians and mechanics who are available to respond to even the most severe problems. These techs can easily detect any problems with your equipment, and then promptly fix them.

    Emergency Repairs

    “Emergencies” often mean that critical repairs need to be completed right away. This is just what our Rapid Response emergency equipment repair services can provide you. Our Rapid Response Team makes sure our certified technicians and mechanics have all the tools and parts they need to repair your machine, no matter how challenging the problem might be.

    We fix things fast, and we do it right on site or we send the vehicle out for service. Our team then prioritizes your job to ensure that your important repairs are completed promptly and that your most critical equipment may resume operation with minimal downtime.

    Click here to learn more about our emergency heavy equipment repair services.


    Fixing a broken part of your equipment isn’t always enough. You need to perform regular maintenance and keep an eye out for other problems that could arise, as well. There are many types of concerns that require the replacement of parts rather than repairs.

    We can get the job done correctly and promptly and order the parts needed from many major equipment manufacturers.

    The reason we’re your best choice for service is we have easy access to all the parts for your repairs and the experience to get those repairs done quickly and correctly.

    Plus, our mobile Rapid Response Team can assist with any kind of on site repair. Here are just a few of the various types of repairs we can help with:


    ​Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami can assist with most sorts of heavy equipment maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

    On site Mobile Repairs

    You know that when an essential piece of equipment fails, your job is interrupted or comes to a halt. This is why it’s so important that you get your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

    Although some types of heavy equipment are expensive or difficult to move, others are relatively inexpensive. This is why it’s a good idea to have your equipment serviced regularly, and repaired promptly if something breaks. Our on site and mobile repair services will come in handy in these scenarios.

    We have a team of trained technicians and mechanics who travel in a fleet of maintenance vehicles, called the “Fix It Fast Fleet.” We have fully equipped mobile repair units available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to undertake your vehicle’s repair, even if it’s late at night or early in the morning.

    Additionally, before leaving the store, our skilled technicians will scope the project and bring along the parts required to complete the repairs swiftly and efficiently. Mobile, on site repair is available for most types of equipment, including:

    Fix it Fast Fleet’s maintenance services are one of the most essential factors in providing you with speedy repairs when you need them the most.

    Get the inside scoop on how our Fix It Fast Fleet can assist you with quick heavy equipment repairs by clicking here.


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    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is your go-to solution for quick heavy equipment repairs when needed the most. Whether you need emergency repairs, on site repairs, or just want the job done at the best price, we have repair services to keep your business operating.

    You can contact us by phone for a free repair estimate and to schedule a time to come in.

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