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Asphalt Pavers​

Asphalt pavers are large pieces of heavy equipment used to lay asphalt on roads and bridges. It makes the pavement smoother, giving mild compaction and then compacting it. Asphalt pavers are usually referred to by a variety of names.

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    Asphalt Equipment Types

    Here at Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte, we help keep the equipment in your operation up and running. We repair many different types of heavy equipment used in the paving process, including the following:


    Flatliners are utilized in situations where full repaving is not required. Flatliners remove the imperfections from the top layer, in order to replicate a smooth surface.

    Milling Machines

    Milling machines are used to eat up old asphalt and crush it, to make the surface of a road smooth enough to be paved. It leaves a rough and grooved surface that must be paved over.


    When the asphalt has been poured, it needs to be compacted so it can solidify.  This is what rollers do.


    Sweepers look like large scale brooms that help clean the asphalt once it’s laid.


    A stabilizer/reclaimer is a huge machine that pulverizes old pavement using a rotor blade. It can be mixed into the subbase which will make it stronger.

    Asphalt Pavers

    The equipment that mixes the asphalt and spreads it into a smooth layer is called an asphalt spreader. The machine loads the asphalt mix and then spreads it out and lays it. After that, the asphalt is leveled and compacted using a machine called a screed.


    Graders are huge blades that create a smooth surface on which asphalt may be laid. When you make a base of soil, you use a grader to level it.

    Why is Asphalt Popular?

    Asphalt has many benefits including the ability to absorb shock and vibration, durability, and its ability to withstand. Several of the top advantages include the following:

    Asphalt is Completely Recyclable

    Asphalt is the most recyclable material in the United States. Numerous paving companies recycle all asphalt removed from job sites.

    Asphalt Is Durable

    Asphalt drives and roads should last 15 to 20 years, or even longer if properly maintained.

    Asphalt is Good for Noise Reduction

    Asphalt pavement is known as the “silent” pavement option because it has an open graded and fine graded surface, and the ingredients used to manufacture the surface are generally the same.

    Asphalt is Affordable

    Concrete is more expensive to install than asphalt. Crude oil is a key component of any asphalt mixture. The price of asphalt depends on the crude oil price, which changes frequently.

    Asphalt Projects Are Typically Completed in a Short Period of Time

    Materials required to make asphalt are readily available and easy to convert into asphalt. As a result, asphalt is very easy to produce and quite quick to lay.

    Asphalt Paving Is Beneficial for Water Drainage

    All asphalt is good for water drainage. Water passes through porous asphalt and into a gravel substrate, which helps clean the water and sends it back into the ground. You might also use it to get rid of a gas leak or to redirect water from one area of your property to another.

    Asphalt Paver Maintenance

    The most important thing to do to keep your asphalt paver in good working order and prevent costly repairs is to perform regular preventative maintenance on it. This includes the following:

    Inspecting your equipment regularly and performing preventative maintenance is essential to avert expensive repairs and replacements. We can help you with all of your preventative maintenance needs at Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte.

    Asphalt Paver Repairs

    Even with appropriate care, asphalt pavers will require a variety of repairs over their lifetime. These repairs are necessary for all vehicle components from the tires to the engine and transmission.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is the industry leader for asphalt paver repair and maintenance. Our certified paver mechanics will bring your paver into our shop so they can conduct preventative maintenance and repairs and get you back on track.

    You can also take advantage of our roadside assistance, mobile maintenance and repair on site, or emergency repair services. To learn more about this service, click here.


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