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Balers are pieces of machinery that are used in the recycling process. There are a few varieties, but they all function basically the same way.  Balers can help recycle many types of materials and eliminate the expense of disposal, even creating a new income stream because the bales are worth money.

Types of Balers

There are several types of common balers available for purchase, including:

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers operate in a different manner than vertical balers. Waste is deposited into a hopper, and when it’s full, a side ram compresses the waste. After being filled, the bale is secured with wires and released from the baler side. Horizontal balers, like vertical balers, are very efficient and can be more cost effective. They are ideal for recycling a variety of products from an array of materials such as plastic, rubber, wire, and others.

Vertical Balers

Balers that use a downward force are called vertical balers. Waste material, including corrugated cardboard, plastics, and foam is disposed of in a chamber.

Baling then involves connecting the bales together with baling wire, then disconnecting the bales from the baler. Vertical balers are commonly available and can handle most of the materials that horizontal balers do. When choosing a vertical baler, consider the following advantages:

Horizontal Baler Advantage

Higher Processing Volume

Horizontal balers can process more bales per day than vertical balers and also create larger bales.

Consistency of the Bale

Horizontal balers can produce bales that are uniform in weight and density. This makes them easier to store, and it’s much less messy than buying.

Increased Processing Capacity

A horizontal baler is generally considered to be more efficient than a vertical baler. Aluminum is processed into siding, radiators, and products like newsprint or office paper using a technology called the “hydrometallurgical” process.

Vertical Baler Advantages

Smaller Size

Balers can be made into vertical or horizontal machines. Vertical balers are prevalent in locations where horizontal balers are inconvenient, such as supermarkets, shops, and distribution operations because of their smaller size.


Vertical balers are more cost effective than horizontal balers. Some are one tenth the price of horizontal balers.

Materials Processed

Vertical balers are similar to horizontal balers because they work on nearly the same materials. You can recycle almost any kind of recyclable material, including paper products, aluminum, plastic containers, storage barrels, and even metals. So an advantage of vertical balers is that they’re not only less expensive and take up less space, but they can also perform comparably to their horizontal counterparts.

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    Why Should You Service Your Baler?

    Maintaining your baler is important to prevent serious problems that will lead to longer downtime. Your baler needs to be serviced regularly. There are a number of reasons why, including the following:

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