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Boom Trucks​

A popular type of mobile crane is a boom truck. There are many types of cranes. Some are designed to lift heavy loads while others are used for very light loads.

There are two primary types of boom trucks: fixed and swing cabs. These boom trucks can be classified according to their attachments and their intended usage.

Fixed Cab

Boom trucks with fixed cabs are equipped with a single cab. The back of this cab is for the driver. You’ll also find all the boom controls here. The operator will work the lift in this area.

A truck with a fixed cab resembles a regular truck with a boom attached to the back. They are shorter and less bulky than a swing cab.

Fixed cab boom trucks have some disadvantages, the most obvious one being the fact that they are not self propelled. This is a problem when lifts require increased visibility, such as those on a large site with numerous existing structures.

Swing Cab

Swing cab boom trucks are equipped with swing seats and separate cabs on the flatbed. This boom is hooked to the boom and will move and rotate in unison with it.

Swing cabs provide a broader view for the operator, making them ideal for a wider variety of work that requires high level detail and precision. Most people prefer a swing cab over a fixed cab. They are generally preferred because of their benefits.

Boom Truck Cranes

The most common type of boom truck is the boom truck crane. It’s also known as a boom crane. They often have a telescopic arm and function similar to a conventional crane, lifting and moving heavy goods.

Furthermore, they also have an additional advantage. Their arm is divided into two key components: the main boom and the jib.

A jib is the most common accessory used with boom cranes, since it’s attached to the tip of the crane and is used for lifting material, and it can lift the weight of 10 to 60 tons, depending on the model and manufacturer.

Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are used to transport goods, while boom trucks are used to transport people. If you need personnel to be elevated, bucket trucks are the best option.

Crane platforms allow workers to work safely in an elevated position, but they also give workers more space for tools. Truck buckets are generally made of fiberglass and are encircled by a railing or wall.

Telescopic vs. Articulating

Booms are frequently classified into two types according to their level of flexibility:


An articulated boom has a segmented boom that can tilt at different angles, allowing it to be flexible. This style of boom truck is more suited to compact or tight areas than a telescoping boom.


Telescopic boom trucks have a straight boom. A lot more than articulated units are utilized in open areas, for example, building sites.

Boom Truck Maintenance

With so many moving parts that need greasing, it’s crucial to have a plan to remain on top of a schedule.

The following is a general recommendation on when to change the fluid in various components of a boom truck. It varies by manufacturer.

Checklist for Boom Truck Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to avoid catastrophic failure of your boom. Here’s what to look for when performing preventative maintenance:

A basic boom truck maintenance schedule should include:

Boom Truck Repairs

Repairs are often required with boom trucks, even with routine maintenance. The most common repairs are:

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