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Commercial Trucks

We specialize in repairing most types of commercial trucks at Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte.

 We work on vehicles such as:

We also work on all types of semi-trucks including:


And, we work on all types of garbage trucks including:

Plus, we can service and repair many types of tow trucks including:

Commercial Truck Inspections

Inspecting your vehicle is the best method to keep it in good working order. These inspections can aid in the detection of abnormalities before they become severe issues.

Inspections can include:

At Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte, we can help with regular inspections and maintenance to keep your vehicles running at peak performance.

Commercial Truck Maintenance

Trucks are subject to greater wear and tear than regular cars.

You should perform normal commercial vehicle maintenance and service including the following checks:

Fast and Affordable Repair

    Commercial Truck Repairs

    Commercial trucks will need routine maintenance. If you maintain your fleet well, you will require fewer repairs as it ages. These are some of the most usual commercial truck repairs:

    While truck repair issues are most commonly encountered, other concerns can occur that require repairs. These include, but are not limited to, those involving:

    If you need heavy equipment repairs, we’re the company for you. We are your one stop shop for all commercial truck repairs and services.

    Take your truck into our shop for routine maintenance and repairs performed by our factory certified mechanics. Or, you can use our on site mobile repair and emergency repair services.

    Click here to contact us for any of your commercial truck repair and servicing needs.


    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is your go-to solution for quick heavy equipment repairs when needed the most.

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