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Cylinder Head Resurfacing

Cylinder head resurfacing is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to treat a number of issues associated with cylinder heads. Several common reasons to resurface cylinder heads include the following:

No matter what the cause, head resurfacing should be done appropriately. This is because once the metal has been extracted, it cannot be recovered without paying additional costs. When you need cylinder head resurfacing done right, our team is here to help.

We can help with emergency repairs and make sure your equipment is up and running as soon as possible, even in the direst of circumstances.

Why is Cylinder Head Resurfacing Required?

Head gaskets have seals that must have a specific finish to seal properly. In order to have a proper seal, a head gasket must have a surface finish that falls within a specific range.

The parameters differ based on the type of head gasket used. The surface of the valve is very important in preventing leaks from occurring.

How to Get the Proper Cylinder Head Finish

There are a lot of variables to consider to get cylinder heads resurfaced the right way including:

Proper control of the table and rotary speed is essential when milling the cylinder head to get the smoother finish that today’s aluminum heads require.

To ensure cylinder heads are resurfaced the right way, you must work with a repair service shop that has the necessary equipment and experience.  This is where Heavy Equipment Repair Services can help.

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    Can the Finish Be Too Smooth?

    The smoothness of the surface of the head gasket determines how well it will seal against the threads of the cylinder walls. Cold sealing and prevention of most leaks is due to the smooth finishing of the heads. However, there is such a thing as being too smooth. Because of the support from the head and block, many manufacturers recommend that the surface of most graphite head gaskets should not be smoother than 30 RA.

    Understanding these elements is critical to making the repair correctly the first time, which is what Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is best known for. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation estimate. We’ll provide you with a FREE inspection and repair quote.  Click here to get in touch.


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