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Diesel Trucks

Diesel engines are used for medium and heavy duty trucks, work in hazardous areas, and put extra wear and tear on vehicle parts. We specialize in maintaining, servicing, and repairing most types of diesel trucks and engines.

We work on diesel trucks including:

We service all models of semi trucks, such as

We also work on all types of garbage trucks, such as:

We can also service and repair many kinds of vehicles, including:

Diesel Truck Inspections

Inspections are the best way to keep your diesel truck in good working order. These tests help to detect abnormalities before they become serious.

An inspection will likely include:

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte can help with regular inspections and maintenance to keep your diesel trucks running at peak performance.

Diesel Truck Maintenance

Diesel powered trucks are typically subjected to greater wear and tear than are other types of vehicles. Therefore, they required more preventative maintenance to help avoid costly damages. Before performing routine maintenance or service on a diesel truck, the following items should be examined:

​Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    Diesel Truck Repairs

    Even the most maintained diesel trucks still oftentimes need repairs. Among the most frequent diesel truck repairs are:

    While these are the most frequently encountered problems with diesel trucks, other more serious concerns can happen that require repair, such as those involving:

    We also provide semi trailer maintenance and repair services, including the following:

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte provides the best in quality and value for inexpensive diesel truck maintenance and repair.

    You can bring your truck to our shop for routine maintenance and repairs performed by our factory certified specialists.

    If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, you can take advantage of our towing and roadside assistance.  We also provide on-site mobile and emergency repair services.

    Please click here to contact us for any of your diesel truck repair and servicing needs.


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