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Drivetrain Rebuild

The power train is the system that sits behind the transmission and is responsible for moving the vehicle. The drivetrain’s primary role is to transmit power from the engine to the wheels via the transmission, hence controlling the amount of torque. When it comes to the driveline, there are some other commonly used names:

the drivetrain, the powertrain, and the drivetrain system. Technicians use all of these terms interchangeably.

A driveline is comprised of all the powertrain’s individual components, with the exception of the transmission and engine. Rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, and four wheel drive cars all have a unique driveline.

Gear oil is often used to protect gears in vehicles such as heavy duty trucks and off road vehicles. When the oil breaks down, it becomes less effective and can lead to gear failure. This will cause your engine to run poorly, have a lot of noise, and significantly reduce the engine’s performance.

It’s important to maintain your equipment regularly in order to avoid component failure and the need for emergency replacement of the oil. Whether you want to maintain, repair, or replace driveline components, we’ve got you covered.

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is a good choice for a rapid resolution of your issue. There are many parts of the drivetrain that may need repair or, in the worst case, replacement. The driveshaft, CV joints, differential, axle shafts, and U joints are among these components.

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    These components include the driveshaft, CV joints, differential, axle shafts and U-joints.

    Universal Joint (U-joint)

    A universal joint is a flexible pivot point that transmits power and allows the driveshaft to be angled differently. A CV joint is an important component of a driveshaft. These joints bend in any direction while maintaining a steady velocity on the drive wheels.


    A differential, which is a component of the drivetrain, helps the engine’s power to reach the wheels. A truck transmission is a complex mechanism that needs regular differential maintenance. Without it, the vehicle wouldn’t be able to function properly. When this is not done, problems can arise that require repair or replacement.

    Axle Shafts

    The differential is a component of the drivetrain that is the final resting place for the engine’s power before it spins the wheels. It is what facilitates turning. Regular differential maintenance is essential to ensure proper operation. It’s essential that this be done, so complications can be avoided.

    Differential Repair

    The differential is another important component of the drivetrain. This part of the vehicle is responsible for turning. Regular differential maintenance is critical to ensure proper operation. If you don’t do this, complications can occur that require repair or replacement.


    The transmission transmits the engine’s mechanical output to turn the wheels. The crank shaft uses its internal teeth to reduce the number of rotations. Transmission parts require regular maintenance and proper lubrication to maintain their efficiency. Left unfixed, problems can be extremely expensive and dangerous, especially if they result in damage to the motor.

    Regular maintenance will help prevent more serious problems. It’s necessary to conduct routine maintenance, or face repair, and replacement when you have transmissions in your trucks. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte has solutions to maintain your transmission and keep it  running smoothly, so that your equipment doesn’t break when you rely on it most. Also, there are emergency repairs to rapidly restore failing transmissions to service.


    A driveshaft is a long steel tube that connects the transmission to the wheels on one end and the wheels to the transmission on the other. It is a piece of equipment that converts mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy.

    Clutch Repairs

    There is a difference between the engine and the gearbox, which is the clutch. It’s a component of the drivetrain that transfers power from the driving shaft to the driven shaft. Clutch disengagement is necessary during a gear shift, and the clutch is responsible for this disengagement. Clutches can get a lot of wear and tear and cause a variety of problems that require repair. Also, they may fail catastrophically and need to be replaced.


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