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Electrical Repairs

Electrical issues can be disruptive to your operators and a distraction to your team. The unexpected failure of a single machine or equipment on your site can cause your entire project to be brought to a screeching halt, and it will remain so until the problem is repaired.

Most diesel engines are complex, and their electrical systems are even more complex. Doing any type of repair without a proper diagnosis might result in a massive waste of time and money.

Our technicians are able to swiftly detect mechanical issues and create a road map for our specialists to know what needs to be corrected. Here are some of the most common mechanical problems we see with large machinery.

Fast and Affordable Repair

    Here’s some of the most common mechanical issues with heavy equipment that we fix.

    Malfunctioning Glow Plugs

    Glow plugs heat an element within each cylinder, allowing diesel fuel to burn and your engine to start.

    Your vehicles are very vulnerable to freeze damage in colder climates. Regular maintenance will prevent this damage. If damage does occur, the problem can be promptly identified and the faulty plug replaced, allowing you back to resume normal function as soon as possible.

    battery (2)

    Dead Batteries

    Dead batteries are a typical problem in heavy equipment.  Adverse weather conditions on job sites make this problem even more prevalent.

    If you need your heavy equipment’s dead batteries replaced or diesel electric starters repaired or replaced, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte will quickly and properly diagnose and repair the problem and get you back to operation.

    Poor Battery Life

    Do not use your trucks with worn out batteries. If your charger malfunctions or if you have any other reason for needing to replace your battery, there’s no need to worry. It’s usually relatively easy to replace the battery.

    We can help you create a regular maintenance schedule that will significantly reduce the need for battery replacement. This will shorten the time it takes to replace your batteries, keep your equipment running longer, and save you money on unneeded battery replacements.

    Headlight Issues

    It’s hard to navigate a dark and difficult roadway or job site if the headlights are not functioning properly. It’s not safe for your drivers to see ahead when they’re driving in these conditions. This makes it difficult for approaching vehicles to see your vehicle, which causes unnecessary safety concerns for your drivers and their equipment.

    diesel-fuel-pump (1)

    Diesel Fuel Pump Failure

    When an engine electrical problem and diesel pump wear and tear produce friction between the engine’s fuel pump gears, they often lead to the fuel pump failing completely. Diesel fuel pumps may fail if the starter motor fails.

    In fact, the starter that’s installed in your vehicle relies on diesel fuel to function properly, so if there is a problem there, you may be faced with even bigger problems. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte specializes in the repair of diesel fuel pumps and diesel electrical starters. We work on all makes and models, so you can get back up and running quickly.

    In addition, light problems can make it difficult to operate during nighttime operations, which results in lost productivity. We can assist you in rapidly diagnosing, repairing, or replacing malfunctioning equipment in order to keep your vehicles safe and productive at all hours of the day and night.


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