Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte

Emergency Repairs

With a fully trained, highly skilled rapid response service technician ready to help you immediately, our emergency equipment repair services offer what you need.

Our Rapid Response Team makes sure our certified technicians and mechanics have the tools and parts they need to fix even the most complex problems on your heavy equipment. We instantly load the parts onto your vehicle and take care of them in our shop. Alternatively, you can come to us for even faster repairs.

The experts at the team are able to prioritize your work so that critical repairs will be completed quickly and that your most important equipment may operate without having to shut down for an extended period. Please visit our Emergency Heavy Equipment Repair page to learn more about our emergency heavy equipment repair services.

On site Mobile Repairs

When an essential piece of equipment fails, your work frequently comes to a halt or is interrupted.It’s important that your equipment is up and running as soon as possible.

A lot of heavy equipment is too big and difficult to move.  You’d need even more equipment available and a truck big enough to load it on to for transport.

Because of this, we have a mobile repair service on standby to help. Our trained technicians and mechanics will load into one of our fleet maintenance vehicles, called the Fix It Fast Fleet, and drive to your location for repairs.

Fix It Fast Fleet is our fleet of fully loaded vehicles. They have the resources to undertake even the most challenging repairs. In addition, before leaving the shop, our skilled technicians will inspect the entire project and bring along the parts needed to repair it.

It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of mobile, on site repair services are available for most types of equipment including:

​Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    Our Fix It Fast Fleet’s mobile equipment repair services are an important factor in providing you with speedy repairs when you need them the most.

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    You can contact us by phone for a free repair estimate and to schedule a time to come in.

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