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Hydraulic System Repairs

Hydraulic systems are used to move very heavy machinery like cranes and bulldozers. They also allow the operator to make slight movements of attachments like buckets with minimal input effort.

What does a hydraulic system do? Hydraulic systems use pressurized fluid to drive motion. Pressure multiplied by a fluid enhances power output.

A hydraulic system is composed of three main parts: the reservoir, the pump, and the actuator. The fluid from the reservoir travels through the pump to the actuator where it powers the device.

Hydraulic power is a form of mechanical power that increases the amount of work that the system can do while requiring less effort from the operator. For example, it is what allows you to lift and move that heavy stone, using only a slight movement of your hand.

Benefits of Hydraulic System

Using a hydraulic system for heavy equipment provides three different advantages:


Hydraulics are very reliable when kept closed, and the hydraulic fluid is kept clean of debris and other pollutants.

Power Density

Hydraulic systems let you get more done with less effort from your team.

Versatile Control

A modern hydraulic system can operate in a variety of directions and is equipped with simple to use electronic controls. It’s perfect for heavy equipment operation.

How do Hydraulic Systems operate?

Hydraulic systems work by using either cylinders or hydraulic power units (HPU).

Hydraulic Cylinders Systems

There are two basic types of hydraulic cylinders: small and large. The smaller cylinder is equipped with a piston to transfer work into the system. The piston inside a hydraulic pump is in contact with hydraulic fluid. The large cylinder is the pump. The large cylinder contains a piston that moves in response to the force of the oil. You should apply a force to the larger cylinder that’s less than the force caused by the smaller cylinder’s movement because that allows the larger cylinder to move.

Hydraulic Systems with Hydraulic Power Units

Hydro pneumatic power units (HPU) significantly increase the hydraulic system’s overall performance by replacing the small cylinder with a pump and pressurized fluid. In a cylinder based system, the distance the little piston travels controls the output; in an HPU based system, this is not the case.

It’s a high pressure pump that increases the pressure of the fluid, making it unnecessary to travel any distance. This creates stronger output forces than what you would have been able to achieve with a conventional cylinder system. This is the reason why hydraulic power units that are equipped with hydraulic power systems are so common on larger machines. They enable tremendous quantities of work and lifting capabilities to be accomplished.

How do Heavy Equipment Hydraulic Systems operate?

A hydraulic power unit (HPU) is a system used to power heavy machinery such as tractors and excavators. It is also used in mining, agriculture, and construction.

Remarkably, an HPU is so effective that it can provide the minimal amount of pressure required to move the entire system solely through the pump and its motor. The accumulator stores the pressurized fluid from the motor in the hydraulic system. Oil pressure is a measurement of the pressure of the oil in the cylinder.

Hydraulics are used in certain systems to facilitate the use of hydraulic power, so it can be used more efficiently.

Heavy equipment is equipped with hydraulic systems that perform a wide range of essential functions, including the following:

Here are only a few of the many applications for hydraulic systems in large equipment.

Fast and Affordable Repair

    Hydraulic System Issues

    There are two basic categories of hydraulic systems: closed loop and open loop. Any issues with the systems you’ve chosen to work with can make completing jobs much more difficult.

    . Heavy equipment can cause a variety of problems, such as problems with:

    Hydraulic systems are very reliable. When they’re not operating correctly, operators typically notice one or more of the following signs:

    All of these signs indicate a problem with the hydraulic system, which should be taken care of immediately to avoid further damage.

    Hydraulic Failure or Sluggish Operation

    If equipment is moving erratically, inconsistently, or slowly, then you likely have major problems. The following concerns frequently occur in conjunction with several other issues, such as noisy operations.

    Inadequate Hydraulic Pressures

    Hydraulics don’t work if the valves are worn out or the pipe walls are rough. Sometimes these problems are followed by error messages on the machine. Incorrect pressures can be produced by a variety of factors, including air in the oil or a faulty pump.

    Excessive Heat

    When the fluid in a hydraulic system gets hot, that means it might boil and explode. A common symptom of overheating is a slow computer, and it is sometimes necessary to use diagnostic tools to determine whether this is the case.

    As an example, if the pump or motor is overheating, the system may be under too much strain, the engine may be damaged, or the relief valve may be set too high.


    Unusual Operation Noise

    If unusual noise is coming from a component of equipment housing a hydraulic system, it is a sure sign of a problem. In addition, the source of the noise provides some clues as to the location of the problem. A noisy pump may indicate that there is air in the hydraulic fluid or that the pump is worn out.

    Mismatched couplings or the pump’s engine damage can cause noise from the engine. An incorrectly set valve or a worn poppet could cause a relief valve to make an unusual noise. Whether in our shop or on site, one of our certified experts will diagnose and repair any issues that are found.

    Hydraulic Oil Flow Problems

    Three major possible concerns with hydraulic oil flow are:

    Each of these problems have a number of possible causes. For instance, no flow from a hydraulic pump may indicate the following:

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