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Liftgate Repairs

Standard liftgates are an essential part of a wide range of commercial vehicles, including box trucks. Liftgates are a must for many jobs to get done quickly and correctly. They offer numerous advantages, such as:

Unfortunately, liftgates need repairs for just as many reasons as they bring benefits. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte provides preventive maintenance and liftgate repair services that keep your equipment operating at its best. In addition, we can assist in delivering rapid repairs in the event of a lift gate breakdown.

Motor issues are among the most common concerns with liftgates.  This problem can easily be spotted when you notice these kind of issues:

​Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    A liftgate works by mechanisms that include hydraulic and electrical components that must work successfully together in order for the liftgate to function properly. Maintenance is required for this device

    Some potential problems may cause difficulties with the operation of the devices including:

    Preventative Maintenance

    Would you like to prolong the life of your liftgate? Basic maintenance procedures will help guarantee that your liftgate continues to operate correctly and will help extend the life of your liftgate. Do preventive maintenance intervals as recommended by the manufacturer to identify minor faults before they become serious.

    It is also important that you maintain a logbook to keep track of what has been done and when. You must train your employees to operate liftgates safely and for their extended lifespan. Inspect your truck liftgates daily. You’ll be able to catch any issues before they become serious. There are many benefits to reporting a concern right away so that minor faults don’t get worse.

    Liftgate Installation

    Lifting gates are an excellent tool that will help your employees increase productivity, as well as reduce injuries. Liftgates are a good idea for fleets. Before installing liftgates on your vehicles, there are a few things to consider.

    Hydraulic or Mechanical

    The best type of liftgate to install will depend upon the size and weight of your vehicle. Hydraulic liftgates are incredibly durable and perform well on uneven surfaces. Mechanical liftgates are a good option for lightweight freight. They are often less expensive to purchase, install, and maintain than hydraulic liftgates.

    Platform Size

    When choosing the right platform size for your liftgate, remember the size of the freight or cargo you’ll be loading. Larger cargo loads obviously require larger and sturdier cargo lifting platforms.

    Platform Construction

    A liftgate is usually available in two forms, either made of steel or aluminum. While steel platforms are relatively inexpensive, they’re prone to rust. Steel is lighter than aluminum, but it is more expensive when opened and closed.

    Type of Gate

    You’ll find that the liftgate is either a truck under liftgate or a rail gate.  No matter the type, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte provides liftgate maintenance, repair, and replacement services. We provide services in our shop, on site, and during emergencies. You can reach us at any time for all of your liftgate repair and maintenance needs.


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