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Semi Trucks

Semi trucks often transport highly heavy cargo. They are very large complicated vehicles that require regular maintenance and repair.
The most frequently needed repairs and maintenance on semi trucks are listed below:

Electrical System

Semi trucks typically have problems with their electrical systems, including the alternator, battery, and starter motor. The following are common indications of electrical system problems:


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the brake system is one of the main causes of truck accidents. Brake systems for semi trucks are always under a lot of stress. Heat and friction result in increased wear and strains. The majority of brake problems are caused by:


Engine problems are especially prevalent in diesel engines. Semi trucks are more likely to have engine problems because they carry heavy loads. When your engine has problems you might experience these symptoms:


Cars frequently use tires as the most important component of any vehicle because they’re the primary point of contact between your car and the road.

A lot of tires are required to move semi trucks and they also need proper maintenance. More than half of all truck roadside failures are believed to be caused by tire problems. Items like causing many of these problems:

Refrigerated Trailers

Cooling trailers are an essential part of shipping goods, and refrigerated reefer trailers are an essential component of any shipment. When a reefer breaks down, it must be fixed right away to avoid freight damage and spoilage, which could result in health problems.

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    Semi Truck Maintenance

    Semi trucks are complex machines that are in need of ongoing preventative maintenance. Because of the large amounts of fuel and oil used by modern trucks, failing to undertake regular maintenance on your truck can quickly escalate to serious engine problems that will require substantial repairs or replacement. Semi trucks require extensive examinations to determine the following:

    Maintenance and Repairs

    Heavy Equipment Repair Service Charlotte specializes in semi truck maintenance and repair. We have factory trained mechanics and technicians who can repair your vehicle in our shop, tow your vehicle to our location, and dispatch our Rapid Response Team for on site mobile repairs and roadside assistance.

    We can help with semi trailer maintenance and repair services, such as:


    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is your go-to solution for quick heavy equipment repairs when needed the most.

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