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Transmission Repairs

One essential component that runs your equipment is the transmission. At Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte, we maintain and repair different transmission types, such as:

Transmission problems are common in many types of vehicles. However, they are most often a result of poor maintenance, poor or faulty installation, or misuse of the equipment. In the event that the equipment comes to a halt, the transmission disconnects the engine from the driving wheels, causing the engine to idle while the wheels are not in motion.

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    Transmissions enable quick acceleration when a vehicle starts moving and allow an engine to run at a slow speed, helping to reduce wear. The components of an automatic transmission that are subject to wear, such as the torque converter, planetary gears, and pump, as well as the transmission fluid and the band springs, need regular maintenance. If these parts fail, they must be repaired.

    These main components must work together in order for the vehicle to move forward. There are many types of transmissions, but all components must be serviced, maintained, or replaced when needed. For most heavy equipment, the engine, transmission, and the differential, are all interconnected and require repairs as a single package. 

    Several key components of a transmission are prone to failure in heavy machinery and may need service.


    The pump sits in between the torque converter and the planetary gear set. It draws transmission fluid into the engine, pressurizes it for the torque converter and transmission, and helps keep the engine cool. For example, the transmission’s components operate because of the fluid pressure. It is the transmission’s heart.

    Valve Body

    A hydraulic control center that controls the transmission fluid flow and supplies power to a series of check balls, springs, and pistons is known as the valve body. The valves control gears. It is the pressure in the transmission oil that tells the valves to open and close.

    Clutches & Bands

    Clutches and bands are required to assist the transmission in shifting gears, allowing for gears to rotate, engage, and disengage. In traditional clutch systems, clutches are engaged by a series of mechanical components that provide pressure to the friction linings. When the gears need to be engaged or disengaged, the band that holds them in place will tighten or loosen, depending on whether they should be turned.

    Torque Converter

    Torque converters are hydraulic fluid couplings used to connect the engine to the transmission. The torque converter is a mechanical device consisting of a number of parts, including a stator, impeller, and turbine. These components work together to create torque. Torque is needed by the transmission to turn the wheels and move the vehicle forward.

    Torque is the amount of force that the engine uses to drive the wheels. It is measured in pounds per foot. When the engine rotates, it also causes the transmission to spin. The stator is a component of the torque converter that allows you to start your engine after it has stopped running. It’s likely that your vehicle is experiencing problems related to the torque converter failing, so it’s important that you take it

    Transmission Fluid (ATF)

    The transmission fluid keeps the engine lubricated, cools the engine, and prevents the transmission from overheating. ATF, the acronym for Anti Freeze, is composed of a variety of synthetic liquids and oils that have been chemically enhanced with detergents, and rust preventative.

    Transmission fluid will need routine maintenance to avoid contamination and deterioration of performance. Whether you need transmission maintenance, repair, or replacement services, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte has your business covered.

    We are able to fix your transmission on site or in our shop. And, with our emergency repair service, we can get your transmission working quickly.
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    Planetary Gear Set

    The planetary gear set is the one responsible for setting your equipment’s gear ratios. It consists of sun gear, planet gears, and ring gear. It revolves around a central sun, with the planets linked together by a series of gear wheels, so they all operate at the same speed.

    The gear ratio is determined by the position of the planet gears relative to the sun gear, which then turn around the sun gear. Then, the spinning motion of the motor is transmitted to the gear, which in turn rotates the wheel, the gear, and the other wheel.


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