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Utility Trucks

Utility vehicles have numerous purposes, such as serving as a pickup truck, a light truck, or even some of the smallest including golf carts.

Some types of utility vehicles include:

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    Utility Trucks

    Utility trucks are typically used to transport small to medium sized items in the cargo compartment often called utility beds.

    Utility  beds are 7-8 feet long and are positioned in the truck’s rear. These beds hold a lot of tools and supplies. There are many designs of trucks, ranging from basic trucks to those with crane attachments.

    Types of Utility Trucks

    Utility trucks come in a variety of types, depending on their intended use. They are typically categorized according to their body type. A few common types of utility trucks are:

    Standard Bodies

    The most common type of service body is the standard service body. It’s got storage compartments on both sides of the body, which you use often for storing your tools and equipment.

    Aluminum service beds are often used because they’re lightweight, consume less fuel, and don’t rust.

    Landscape Bodies

    Landscape body trucks are used to transport landscaping debris. It’s huge and resembles a dump truck, but it does not have the dumping capability. The entire back of the vehicle is a sliding door that makes loading and unloading easier.

    Enclosed Bodies

    Enclosed body trucks look like vans and have storage space on the inside. There are many variations depending on factors, such as whether or not you want windows. The enclosed rear compartment features a sliding door that allows you to enter the truck.

    Platform Bodies

    A truck platform body is used to move machine parts. They are usually used commercially and are capable of transporting several tons of goods at a time. Storage is typically lacking in the platform.

    Crane Bodies

    A crane service body is equipped with an extendable crane. In a standard box spring, the storage is on one side only. The crane is located in the center of the truck.

    Steel Bodies

    Steel service bodies have the same appearance as standard bodies but are made of steel rather than aluminum. While steel can be very useful in some applications, it also tends to weigh more than other materials.

    Dump Bodies

    You can attach a dump body to your vehicle to transform it into a dump truck. There’s a dump body model with sides, and another without sides. Additionally, each body includes storage on both sides of the truck.

    Utility Truck Inspections

    The most effective way of maintaining any vehicle is to inspect it regularly. Inspections may involve the following:

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte can help with routine inspections and maintenance to keep your utility vehicles running at peak performance.

    Utility Truck Maintenance

    Utility trucks require additional preventative maintenance to help avoid costly repairs. Some items to check for when performing routine maintenance include:

    Utility Truck Repairs

    Utility vehicles will eventually require repairs due to wear and tear and aging, even with regular maintenance. Among the most common repairs required are the following:

    Although these are the most commonly encountered issues with utility vehicles, other issues can occur that require repair, including problems with:

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte is your one stop shop for cost effective utility vehicle repair and service.Our shop can perform routine maintenance and repairs to your truck, and we’re always happy to provide service for your vehicle.In addition, we offer towing and roadside help. We also provide mobile repair and emergency repair services.

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